Axe and Fiddle – The Gravel Road

23 Dec 2017 Cottage Grove, Oregon


Time : 8:30
Venue : The Axe and Fiddle
Address : 106 S 6th St, Cottage Grove, OR
State : Oregon
Zip : 97424

Gabe Schliffer is a singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist currently living in Eugene, Oregon. His original music spans the gaps between, folk, old-time, bluegrass, and americana. Gabe weaves his acoustic melodies between lyrics of hope and love. Gabe plays cello, fiddle, guitar, tenor banjo, and percussion.

Gabe says, “I have been playing the classical cello since I was five, but 12 years ago my world changed forever when I was introduced to old-time, country and bluegrass. When one day my cello suddenly broke, I was desperate to find an instrument that I could use. Luckily my roommate had a fiddle laying around, and after failing to play it in the usual way, I thought perhaps if I held it like a mini-cello that it might just work. Lo and behold, it was like magic! All I had to do was adjust my fingers to the right size, and my bow arm did the rest. Suddenly the world of fiddle and old-time music was open wide, and what an amazing journey it has been! “

He has been a member of many different bands including The Cabin Killers, Mulberry Soul, Outland County, and Thy Burden. His latest album, Stargazers is a continuation of Gabe search into the roots of Americana music, evoking the spirit of jamming around campfires and finding inspiration in the fields and forests of American heartland. His new album features him on cello, fiddle, tenor banjo, guitar as and lead vocals. Gabe has shared the stage with the likes of Donna the Buffalo, Giant Panda Guerilla Dub Squad, The Blind Owl Band, and the Prickers.

On the windy ridges of Oregon grow tall trees with sweeping branches and enormous cones – the largest species of pine in the world, the Sugar Pine.

The Sugar Pine String Band are musicians from Eugene Oregon who share a love of traditional acoustic music. Fiddle, dobro and mandolin provide the high lonesome tones alongside the bass and guitar, with warm vocal harmonies old as the mountains. The group is comfortable playing up tempo bluegrass instrumentals or a variety of original ballads composed by Gabe Schliffer, Sugar Pine’s leader and fiddle/cello master.

For dances, picnics, parties or weddings, Gabe and Sugar Pine String Band will make you get up and dance!

The world is wild, and wondrous! Feel the wind in your hair, the music in the air. Dance and sing! These are a few things I hope my songs might bring. Music to fill your heart and soul, music that feels new but old. I hope to share with you my expression of beauty, harmony, and gratitude.

The music Gabe Schliffer makes conveys honesty and kindness and is organic, pure and natural. Simultaneously old timey, timeless and contemporary! – Tyler Westcott